London Fog” is the title of a song I just released. The soundscape of the song gave me the proper atmosphere to pay homage to my love for gloomy weather, cool jackets, and London. Growing up a fan of all genres of music it was impossible to overlook the musical contributions that came out of the UK. From Rock to Punk to Synth Pop and everything else beyond and in between… it’s musical tapestry was very visible to me.

Down Tempo and Trip Hop have had a huge influence on some of my music and although those genres are directly associated with Bristol. (Bristol being home to artist like Massive Attack, Portishead ,Tricky… ) When I was younger everything from the UK that I heard, saw ,or liked I automatically associated with London. Nowadays my respect for geography has certainly improved (as it should have) still that association brings me to today, as I share more about the inspiration behind this song and visuals accompanying it.



The Company is an American Manufacturer of coats and other apparel. It is the originator when it comes to Raincoats, Parkas, Jackets and all things outerwear but is famously known for the iconic Trench Coat.

While I listened to the instrumental and wrote the lyrics I kept envisioning those days where the weather is cool, rainy but not a complete storm maybe just a little fog and drizzle. A memory came to me of a time I was jogging by the Lake at Braddock Park and it was so foggy the scenery became sky like and surreal. These things meshed together in my mind and formed the motif for the song and video. This is when I decided to incorporate London Fog and make the song an ode to their brand history and aesthetic. It was also a perfect way to incorporate my love for jackets, gloomy weather, and the UK influence all in one.

Photography By: Max Delgado


London Fog has some really classic vintage ads that I thought would be cool to recreate. Above is one of more I'd love to do in the near future. 


“The name Rains celebrates the basic element to which Rains products are designed to protect the wearer from: rain. A word that has historically been a bearer of both joy and discomfort, Rains offers the opportunity to reclaim the word and view inclement weather as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. Each product in return becomes a celebration of precipitation and the opportunity that lies within a rainy day.”

RAINS is another interesting rain wear brand that I am a huge fan of. They are influenced by Scandinavian heritage with headquarters in Denmark and concept stores all around the world. The designs are simple, sleek, and functional. As a Visual Artist I enjoy the different shades and tones in their color choices. All these things combined with the overall art direction and presentation of their products resonate with me and my personal taste.

My idea visually was to take these two quality Rain Wear brands and merge them conceptually to help me illustrate the composition and provide a tangible display of the feelings and memories I tapped into while writing the song. I believe strongly in innovation and tradition so the juxtaposition was also a way of me embodying that. RAINS certainly allowed me to further encapsulate the core and overall message behind the song.

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