“I got a Black Belt, For kicking raps well” Talk about speaking it into existence. Today June 11th , 2017 began the first official shooting for my upcoming audio/visual experience known to the future as Geometry. Act 1 began with Scene 3 Architect. Architect was unique from the moment the production was created. The helium rangers whom produced the song were very open to my exploration of obscurity. A beat that was literally created by slamming on the pads of The Machine in an abrupt and unrestricted manner. The influence coming from my discussion with them regarding Schoenberg’s 12 tone technique and my infatuation with forming new palletes to sound. The writing process for most of this album was very fluid , beats were being cranked out 4,5,6 possibly more a day so I was writing to them partially as we were making them. Architect was special as I felt it really embodies an industrial and metropolis sort of soundscape that the twilight zone fanatic in me can always appreciate. But more importantly it sonically quenched a thirst so seldom reached for me at times. I felt that we were really constructing something that in its own regard was very authentic.” –  Excerpt 1. from GEOMETRY, An Open Book of Words Shapes Sounds and Colors. More updates coming soon via www.sessionsatthepm.comwordsshapesandcolorswhite